Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Section !

              With a view to automate the entire Examination Branch, an initial step was taken in the year 1998, by installing a Central Server, connecting various sections in the Examination Branch. This subsequently led to the setting up of Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Section. The Centralised Counters is a step initiated towards providing better services in processing of different applications for issue of Memorandum of marks, Medium Certificates, Rank Certificates, Provisional Certificates, Degree Certificates, and Duplicate Degree Certificates etc. The EDP Section is headed by an Additional Controller of Examinations, which is divided basically into three sections namely:

                                       Programming Section

                                       Data Entry and Scanning Section.

                                       Printing Section.

                                       EDP Counters

Furthermore, the EDP section also takes care of Purchase and Maintenance of the Printers, Computing Systems & Networking in the entire Examination Branch. The Hardware set up consists of 4 Servers (2365 GB, 28GB) and 50 P- IV Systems. The EDP is also planning to install a 24 TB SAN Server in this financial year. The details of the Software are: Visual Basic with backend Microsoft Access, . Net with SQL, FoxPro with backend DBMS. Operating Systems: Windows 2003, Windows XP, Novel Netware (MS DOS).

    Mr.E.Madhusudan Raju

Addl. COE, EDP Section
Contact Number: 8331997232
Email Id: acoeedp@osmania.ac.in
University College Of Engineering.
Osmania University,Hyderabad.

Confidential Section

Two Additional Controllers of Examinations head the confidential section. The activities in the section are:

 Preparing of question papers (theory & practical) of all the courses offered under the Osmania University jurisdiction.
 Processing and awarding of M.Phil and Ph.D degrees
 Stocking & safeguarding of pre-printed stationery, blank degree certificates and 32 pages answer scripts.
 Total No of Ph.D s and M.Phil s awarded (2001-2010) - 2285 and 621 respectively

Dr. Krishnam Raju


Additional Controller (Confidential)
Contact Number: 8331997230

Osmania University

Dr. N. Narsimlu


Assistant Controller (Confidential)

Contact :
Landline : +91-8331997233

Email Id: acoeou@gmail.com

Associate Professor of Physics,
Osmania University,Hyderabad.

Professional Batch - I

    Prof. Shashikanth

Professor in Civil Engineering
Contact Number: 8331997224
Additional Controller of Examinations, Professional Batch - I Section

Email Id: acoep1@osmania.ac.in
Department Of Civil Engineering,
University college of Engineering,
Osmania University,Hyderabad.

Professional Wing - II Tab

    Dr. K. Sadhana

Additional Controller of Examinations, Professional Batch - II Section

Contact :
Landline : +91-8331997229

Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics,
University College Of Science,Saifabad,
Osmania University,

M.B.A Section Tab

     Mr. Md. Misbahuddin

Additional Controller of Examinations
Contact Number: 8331997239

University College Of Engineering,
Osmania University,


Prof. Sakram

Addl. COE, P.G. (Regular) Section
Contact Number: 8331997225
Osmania University,Hyderabad.



Additional Controller (PG CDE)
Contact Number: 8331997236
Osmania University

B.A. Section Tab

Dr. D. Seshikala

Asst. COE, B.A.Section
Contact Number: 8331817238
Assistant Professor
Osmania University

B.Com. Section Tab


           Dr. K Srinivas(Ph.D)

ACOE, B.Com.Section
Contact Number: 8331997226
Assistant Professor,
Osmania University.Hyderabad.

B.Sc. Section Tab


           Dr. P.Hima Bindu

Additional Controller (B.Sc.)
Contact Number: 8331997231
Associate Professor
Osmania University.Hyderabad.